My Spirituality

I believe in a benevolent loving God
I believe we ALL come back. (Yes I’m talking about reincarnation.) I believe we return in groups.
After Reading Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls, I believe soul groups exist as well.  Even in death we stay with our groups.
I believe God created us and he won’t forsake ANY of us.
I recently discovered Rob Bell’s Book Love Wins and after reading it I realized Mr Bell and I believe the same things.
I believe we should follow our heart, follow our soul.
I believe we should find our own spirituality.  One should not be foisted on us.

I was baptized Catholic but I found my own way.
Some have begun calling me a Universalist.
I’m not fond of tags but this one seems to fit me.

One thought on “My Spirituality

  1. Hi, my name is Suzanne Peyton. I found you as I was looking for people writing about past lives. I have, what my publisher and film producers feel is indisputable proof of my past life. I did not go looking for this, this story came to me from a dream on January 3, 1999. I was born this time in December of 1958, but believe I died last time on January 3, 1958. I would love to send you a copy of my book, Virginia’s Diary and see what you think.
    You can read the reviews on Amazon and we will begin filming in New Orleans in the fall/winter of 2016.
    I hope to hear back from you.

    Suzanne Peyton

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