A Lived In Home

One thing I’ve NEVER had difficulty with is living in a home where things are disorganized, clean laundry lying on my sofa, dishes not put away clutter piled around my living room. These things will be there tomorrow. If I have company (friends over) they understand that I have more important things to do then be hyper clean. There are two exceptions I make to this. My bathroom and my kitchen I ALWAYS try to keep clean. The rest of the house as long it is clean, vacuumed and relatively dust free I have no problem with a little disorganization.

It is one trait that DEFINITELY is NOT inheritable, because my mother always MUST be busy doing something, whether it is cleaning her house or moving furniture around, she can’t simply sit down and relax. I tell her ALL the time that sometimes it’s good to just be still. My maternal grandmother was the same way. She couldn’t just sit down. She was always doing something.

I’m glad I broke that chain. I was talking to a friend on Saturday about this very thing. She said she was feeling tired lately and was under some stress. When she related everything she was doing it was clear to me that she was doing way too much. Learn to be still. Everything you want to do or need to do will still be there tomorrow. There’s no need to do everything all the time. When you’re feeling over tired and over stressed that’s your body’s way of telling you to slow down. If you don’t listen to your body it will get your attention another way. Your body WILL eventually win the battle. Maybe you’ll get sick? Then you’ll HAVE to take it easy. Why not heed your body’s warnings BEFORE it retaliates?

Once more, as you can plainly see, I deviated from my THIS blog entry’s initial topic. That happens sometimes when I start writing. I move smoothly from one topic to another similar subject but somehow I always swing back around and conclude my post bringing everything back full circle.

Take it easy!
Don’t race from one thing to the next!
So what if your house looks lived in? That’s not the end of the world. Your friends will understand. Take care of yourself first! Take care of your home last!

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!

A Lived In Home

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