A New Species

A new species is arising on the planet. It is arising now, and you are it!

–Eckhart Tolle
A New Earth :

We are in a COMPLETELY new place today. There are events taking place in the world that people are just now awakening too. We are all fortunate to be alive during this time of change. What change? I bet you’re asking. Let me fill you in.

1. Were we talking about The Law of Attraction EVEN five years ago?
2. Where did Eckhart Tolle come from?

These are ONLY two examples I can point too. There is a new world opening up and we are helping to move ourselves forward. As I’ve stated in previous posts here, I’m hoping to help us as a community of like minded people tear that wall down. We ARE a new species, a higher more spiritually evolved species. Those of us who CAN help move us forward, SHOULD do everything within their power to move us forward. I’m doing my part. What can you do? The more of us there are the less strength one of us will need.

I bet I can prove my ENTIRE point of this post that we are a new species by asking each of you to carry this message forward to JUST one person. I bet if you pick someone and talk to them about The Law of Attraction, Faith, Spirituality, they won’t look at you as if you’ve sprouted a third eye. Funny that I mention that third eye. You know what some of us call the third eye? It is known as the mystical entry point of enlightenment, one pathway to God.

Remember! There is strength in numbers! Move us forward!


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A New Species

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