A Positive Attitude

A positive attitude may not solve all your challenges, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

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I’ve seen this work myself ESPECIALLY at work.  We have someone who finds the negative in EVERYTHING.  She’s not happy unless she’s complaining.  When this happens I always turn her negativity around.  I’ve done this so often now that she hardly ever comes to me to complain.  She knows now that I will find something positive to say.

Life SHOULD be joyful!
Life SHOULD be positive!

My life changed when I realized this.  We can’t change the situation we’re involved in.  We can only change our reaction to it.  If that means having a positive attitude in the face of negative storms swirling around you and IF you can not only keep the positive faith, but show it on your face and in your actions you’ll find the negativity can NOT stay in the same space.  Positive energy will ALWAYS dissipate negative energy.  I proved that myself many times over.  My workmate now understands that she won’t get the reaction she’s looking for from me.  She no longer complains to me.

The people in my life now are ALL positive and life affirming.  I’ve weeded the negative out.  The negative can no longer enter my realm.  I’ve ANNOYED the negative people of my stream and they no longer even attempt to return.

It takes discipline to keep up the effort.  However, once you start, you’ll find how much better your life can be when you remove the many albatrosses from around your neck.  You’ll find friends who REALLY care for you and you won’t give a second thought to your old life.

Life CAN be joyful.
Life CAN be positive.

You have to make the choice.  Are you going to live a life of complaint?  Of anger?  Of pain?  Or will you look for the positive in life’s challenges?  There is ALWAYS something you can find positive in a challenge.  It is those people that find the positive in the negative situation that live a healthier and happier life.

The choice is yours.  And it REALLY shouldn’t be a difficult choice to make.

Happy or Sad?
Anger or Forgiveness?
Hope or Despair?

I don’t know about you but

I’d rather be happy.
I’d rather forgive.
I’d rather have hope.

Life IS joyful.
Life IS positive.

I THINK MOST of us would too.  It’s as easy as making the choice.

So what do you choose?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


A Positive Attitude

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