A Thousand Lifetimes

I’ve lived at least a thousand lifetimes, walked down a road with no end in sight.
Each breath I take is a gift that I will never take for granted.


A Thousand Lifetimes
Glen Campbell
Ghost on the Canvas

Maybe it is because, Glen Campbell is now faced with his own mortality, but I still find it fascinating how many people are now considering that their souls may have been here countless times before and will be here countless times again.  The two sets of lyrics above don’t follow each other in the song A Thousand Lifetimes.  I simply resonated with the second set.  I like that Campbell uses the word gift to describe how he feels as I use that same phrase myself; as in:
Everything is a gift.

Glen Campbell is but one artist who writes about this topic.  Tina Turner writes about past lives in her song:
I Might Have Been Queen

Take a look at the lyrics if you don’t recall the words.

I’ve listened to Glen Campbell for many years and have never heard him sing about this topic before.  I wonder if I’m just reading too much into the song’s lyrics or if he he indeed feels that he HAS been here before.  Or maybe it’s as I mentioned at the start of this column:
That now being faced with his diminishing strength he is grasping at anything that will keep him centered.

What do you think?

Ghost on the Canvas is after all a deeply personal and spiritual collection.  When faced with someone’s own failing health, of course you’re going to reflect on your life and begin thinking about what comes after.  I wonder if that is what Glen Campbell is doing now.

Regardless of how he arrived at this juncture in his life, it is still interesting and joyful (for me at least) that another person is considering past lives and reincarnation as a possible outcome to our transitioning.  I think the more it is publicly debated and the more people that discuss the subject, the greater the likelihood that past lives will lose some of its stigma.  Because lets face it, even though the subject is not as verboten as it once was, there is still a rolling of the eyes when anyone discusses it with someone who is not versed on the topic.

That’s why I find it so fascinating when someone in the popular realm comes out and openly refers to it as a belief of theirs.

A Thousand Lifetimes

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