Elmore Leonard

Elmore Leonard is always a nice find for humor and dialog. He has recently passed. We lost a master. Two of my favorites that are are not as well known as some of Leonard’s works are listed below:

Maximum Bob:
A Florida county judge, Maximum Bob has received his moniker because of the stiff sentences he applies to offenders.  He has given out so many stiff sentences that quite possibly one of those he sentenced is about to do the same to him.

Out of Sight:
Disregard the movie and settle down with the book.  Much of the scenery in the book reminds me of another Leonard novel:
Get Shorty.
U.S. marshal Karen Sisco is just stopping off to serve a summons and complaint on Florida’s Glades Prison.  A breakout is process when Sisco arrives and she is soon on the trail of Jack Foley.

Peter Abrahams
A few of Abraham’s books have received the Hollywood treatment.  He is always fun for a quick read and having read several of his books I can recommend him highly.

Crying Wolf:
This takes place at a New England college where a male student becomes involved with twin girls. An exciting read that was difficult to put down.  The book gets its title from a white lie that is perpetrated in the novel.  Nothing bad was supposed to happen but then again nothing bad is EVER supposed to happen when something is done for all the right intentions.

Keith Ablow
One of the things I can usually do when reading a mystery is about half way through, I can pretty much figure out “who done it.”  Not so with Compulsion.  Ablow set me up COMPLETELY.  And the really fascinating thing is that in the end, it all made perfect sense.  The five month old daugher of a Nantucket family has been murdered in her sleep and everyone in her family is a suspect.  Can you figure out “who done it?”

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