Admitting When You’re Wrong

Any relationship whether it be a friendship, a business relationship, whatever, can not withstand someone not owing their mistakes.  If you’ve done something to hurt a relationship, stood someone up, had an appointment and didn’t keep it, made a promise to call, to stop by and didn’t do so, you understand the longer you go without owing up to your mistake, the harder it’s going to be to talk to that person.

I know you do.  We’ve all been there.  We’ve all hidden when we know we’ve done something embarrassing.  We know the longer we go without speaking up the more challenging it becomes.  Why not simply bite the bullet?   I’m sure we’ve all also had the opposite experience where we come clean immediately.  I’m betting more times than not we feel on hundred percent better after we unburden ourselves.I’ve had friends in the past who have made plans with me and then not follow through.  I let it happen because I didn’t speak up and it happened over and over.  Now though, I’ve grown spiritually and emotionally.  Everyone has stuff come up and I completely understand that.  But what I no longer abide is not getting an update, a phone call, an email, a text.  Something that lets me know that something came up.  It’s not difficult to pick up a phone and say:
Oh, Chris I’m running late.  I’ll be there in a half hour.

That’s just common courtesy.  And maybe because that’s how I TRY to live my life I expect the same in return.  As I’ve said here before, we are human and things do happen.  But I think it’s more important to admit immediately when you’ve dome something to hurt someone close to you then to let the hurt fester.  The longer you wait, the more challenging it will become before you eventually speak up.  If a relationship is important to you, it is your job to nurture it.  Admit your transgressions immediately and you’ll find your friendships as well as your clients will grow stronger.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


Admitting When You’re Wrong

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