Aim To Please

I aim to please.

Here’s one positive statement you can and should make a part of your lexicon on a daily basis.  Much like I’ve heard Wayne Dyer say multiple times:
How may I serve?

How may I serve is different from I aim to please in a key area.  Aiming to please is bringing forth an action.  You’re setting about to DO something.  How may I serve, is questioning WHAT you should do.  It is always better to have a plan of action, to have a goal in mind then to question what you SHOULD do.

That’s why I’ve replaced How may I serve with I aim to please.

Think very carefully about the words you speak, for your words become your actions.  If you want to be positive in your actions then you must speak positive words.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


Aim To Please

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