Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman has long been one of my favorite authors, having read the bulk of her bibliography.  I began with: 
Second Nature, a semi Beauty and the Beast story about a divorced woman who brings a “beast,” a man who has no home and has been living in the woods into her home.  It’s one of the things I enjoy about Ms Hoffman’s work.  She makes you question reality and what is magical and what is not.  Magic Realism at its best.The three books below are my favorites, although I’ve read almost everything she has published and Ms. Hoffman has yet to let me down.

River King:
Both lyrical and magical, The River King solidified Hoffman has one of my two favorite writers of all time.  You only have to read the first two pages to understand why I’m so fascinated with Alice Hoffman.  The words she uses for description are amazing.  You can ACTUALLY sense everything she discusses.  This book especially has that style.  River King also has a darkness to it but the story is one of redemption and is filled with positive aspects as well.

Probable Future:
The Sparrow Family all have gifts.  Elinor can tell if someone is lying.  Her daughter, Jenny can see people’s dreams as they sleep.  The story centers around this family who has long struggled with their gifts.  Somewhat reminiscent of Practical Magic, another one of Ms Hoffman’s novels.

Story Sisters:
Of all the books I’ve read by Alice Hoffman, The Story Sisters is the darkest, and most tragic.  Still enlightening to read however.  The Story Sisters like Practical Magic and The Probable Future centers around family and the the tragic events that can occur in family.  Ms. Hoffman tends to focus on family, love and redemption in many of her books which is one reason I’m so drawn to her.

Ms Hoffman also has a plethora of young adult and children’s books I’ve read as well.
Green Angel, Incantation and Aquamarine are a few young adult books that are well worth reading.  If you have yet to discover her, you are in for a treat.

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Alice Hoffman

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