Always Together

I’ve spoken about this countless times here before:

You do of course understand that everyone close to you, everyone in your inner circle has ALWAYS been in your life:
Your best friend?
Your brother?
Your sister?

They are with you in this incarnation. And they will be with you in EVERY future incarnation. No one is EVER lost.  These people are in your soul group.

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Someone who is your best friend today may have been your brother or your sister during a past incarnation.
Your husband?
Your wife?

Maybe they were your best friend in a previous lifetime.  If you gravitate towards someone in this lifetime it is ENTIRELY probable you were together previously.

Does someone you feel emotionally connected to ever tell you:
You are like the brother or sister I never had?

Perhaps somewhere deep in their subconscious they are recalling a past incarnation when you were indeed genetically connected.  Never feel let down when someone tells you this, for you were together in a previous incarnation and you will surely always be together.

Our souls are magnetic.  We are attracted to each other on a deep level and those of us in our soul groups will ALWAYS find each other.  The time we locate our soulmates (those in our soul groups) may not coordinate with when WE want to find each other.  Rest assured however, if someone is in our group, we will find each other when the time is necessary.

There is ONLY one who coordinates THAT schedule and we cannot change HIS course.  Just like we can’t change our birthday and our transition day.  Think you won’t find that person?  Maybe you’re not scheduled to find him in this your most recent lifetime.  Everything that happens in life is based on a schedule.  And as I said above, ONLY one knows what that schedule is.

Perhaps you are meant to go through this incarnation riding solo.  It doesn’t mean you are less worthy.  Maybe when you and your soulmate incarnated this time one or both of you decided to explore life on your own.  Maybe you decided to simply explore life together as BEST friends and not be physically entwined.
–Isn’t it better to know that you’ve always been together regardless of the interaction?
–Isn’t it better to know that you will always BE together?
–Does it really make a difference what the relationship is, as long as you’re always together?


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Always Together

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