Raptor Red
Robert T Bakker

Robert Bakker, a contributor to the film Jurassic Park wrote Raptor Red in a style that initially  caught me by surprise but after settling into the narration, I found the style worked very well.  Raptor Red is the name of the dinosaur whose story is being told, oddly enough in the first person with Raptor Red as the protagonist.  Left on her own after an attack killed Red’s mate, she joins forces with her sisters to survive.  Exciting and emotional without becoming maudlin, Raptor Red quickly became a favorite of mine once I began reading the book.

John Darnton

Somewhere in the mountains of Asia people are disappearing, first a guerrilla fighter, then a well respected paleontologist.  Who or what is causing these disappearances?  From the title of the book, it certainly doesn’t take much to glean the cause.  A race of Neanderthals has been discovered in the hills of Afghanistan.

 How did they survive so long without being noticed?
How did they survive at all?  Guess you’ll have to read this roller coaster of a book to discover the answers. This was a fun little excursion and one I particularly enjoyed.

Earthly Remains
Peter Hernon

A reporter in the Middle East to cover the conflict in the late 1940s stumbles on an even greater story.  Bedouins have discovered a cave with the remains of a body that appears to have been crucified.  Another exciting heart pounding book to wrap your hands around.


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