Arrivals And Departures Excerpts

Some excerpts from Arrivals and Departures, my book published in October, 2020.

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Ed made the decision at that moment, watching her struggle to breathe. “Alright,” he said, looking out at Sachem Pond. “You have to trust me.” She could do nothing but nod. Even that gesture sapped her.

From Together:
Alex felt dumbfounded when he saw the birthday for Alan. December twelve was his own birthday as well. “Do you see this, Rylee?” He directed her to Alan’s birthday on the stone. He opened the etching pad and placed a piece of paper against the stone and was about to start a rubbing when a spark of energy ran through his hand. “What the…” His vision clouded and for a brief moment he found himself in a small room with wood paneled walls and a single bed. He saw an old man lying in the bed raise his head saying in a distressed voice, “What’s happening, Anima Mia? I love you, Mary. I’m not ready to leave you yet.” Just as suddenly, Alex was back at the cemetery.

From Arrivals and Departures:
Left to his own thoughts once more, Sean reflected on the first time he saw Kate. It was actually his brother, James, who introduced them. They were sitting in Willoughbys, a local coffee shop when Kate walked in. To this day, he continued to wonder whether it was a set up. Both James and Kate denied it. What did it matter, really. They wound up falling for each other and spent as much time together as possible, starting with meeting at Willoughbys every morning before each headed to work. The other regulars began calling them Kasean, because they were together so often, first behind their back.  

Then one morning they strolled in, holding hands and Bill, one of Willoughbys frequent guests turned and said, “Uhhhhh.  Look it’s Kasean.” The others in the coffee shop waited for a reaction. When the only thing that happened was a slight giggle from Kate, everything went back to the status quo. 

Kate smiled as she took a seat next to Bill. “At least you’re using my name first, Billy Boy.”  She brushed his hair with her hand. Kate was demonstrative that way with everyone. It was one of the reasons she became so accepted at the morning coffee clutch.  Everyone loved her. But there was only one she wanted to spend any time with. She watched Sean, never taking her eyes off of him as he walked back to the table with her coffee. Half the time, Sean was unaware of how deeply Kate watched him. They were truly one soul separated at birth.