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The works of his hands are faithful and just; all his precepts are trustworthy.

Psalm 111:7
Christine Smith
Life Verse

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Last Friday in the late afternoon, Christine Smith, one of Twitter followers posted the Psalm above.  When I read the Psalm, I look at it like this:
We all have an artistic gift.  What’s yours?

The only thing that comes to mind when I read:
The works of his hands, is what do you do to create?  We know what God created.  What do you create?

The works of MY hands has ALWAYS been writing, even before I picked up a camera, I picked up a pen.  Now, of course, I use a keyboard, but I’m still creating.  I’m still writing.  I’m still sharing what I write.  What are you creating?  And are you sharing what you create?  If not, why not?  With the Internet, it is so easy to share what you’ve created.  One of the things I learned many years ago through my writer’s group was that writers write and writers share what they write.  If you’re an artist, it is your obligation to share what you’ve created.  It didn’t take me long to lose the intimidation factor and when I was writing short fiction,

I’d write.
I’d share with my group.
I’d edit.
I’d submit.

That was my M.O.

I learned NOT to be intimidated.
I learned NOT to be afraid.
I grew thick skin.

Artists create and artists share what they create.

The works of his hands are faithful:
Faithful as in determined.
I’m determined to write on a regular and consistent basis.  I have people relying on my schedule and those people are my greatest motivator.

Faithful as in spiritual.
My blog has helped me maintain my spiritual heart.  I’ve always had an abundance of faith and I’ve discovered the only way to keep that plenty is to share it.

What?  I bet you’re thinking.  Yes.  Think about it.  If you don’t share your knowledge there’s no way you’ll get it back.  When you share your talent it will come back to you.  Maybe not in the exact way you shared and maybe not EXACTLY what you shared, but something better will return to you.

So my admonition to all you artists out there who are creating and hiding your creations for fear of being laughed at, for fear of being told you’re not good enough, I say don’t let anyone intimidate you.

Your work is full of faith.
Your work is full of YOUR faith.

Share your creations.  Why are you creating if not to share?
The Divine will smile upon your creation.  We all have a Divine Art.  We can’t be afraid to share it.

Share your art.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Artistic Gifts

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