Being Equitable

Someone I know recently transitioned and I recently discovered that before he passed he left something to every client in his business.  There were several people he associated with directly on a weekly basis and he could very well have left something only to those he had direct contact with.  However to be fair and just he decided to include everyone.

This is almost unheard of and I knew it was worth writing about.  This action goes to say something about the person who did this.  Typically, when someone transitions any part of the estate usually goes to a business/foundation itself; not to the clients.

As I said above, he could have left something only to those he had direct contact with, that may have left hurt feelings, bruised egos, bad karma.  Because he wasn’t that way in life, he couldn’t have been any other way in passing.  It would be anathema to him.  He simply couldn’t leave anyone out.  What he did, created an air of goodwill that will continue to move throughout not just his workplace but throughout the universe as well.  He paid it forward.  Even in transition, his positive spirit reverberates, echos, boomerangs.

Being equitable was who he was in life, being grateful for everyone in his workplace was so important to him that he simply couldn’t leave anyone out.  By doing what this person did, he leaves a lasting impression on everyone whose life was touched by him.

How many of us would have done the same?
How many of us are charitable enough?

I know I’ll never forget this story.  It has moved me to think more about the next person I come in contact with.  This story even reminds of one of my favorite movies.  I’ve written about Grand Canyon here before.  The entire plot of the movie could be a parable for what this man did:
We are all connected and what one person does can have a lifelong impact on anyone else and we may not even know what that impact is and how far the ripples extend.

I’m sure everyone in that business certainly had no idea what impact they left on their associate.  Here’s hoping everyone reading this today will think twice about how they treat anyone they come across in the future.  You never know what impact you’ll make.

Hoping you make a positive lasting impression.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you,


Being Equitable

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