Ben Bova

Ben Bova has been writing Science Fiction for many years.  I discovered him in the early 1990s when I picked one of his books in the Planet series:
This was the first book I read by Bova and the first in the series.  He has since written Planet books:


He has written sequels to several of the of these.  In my opinion the best in this series is Mars.  I have yet to read any of the sequels.  I’ve pretty much stopped reading sequels, because I don’t think you can ever go back and recreate an experience.


That doesn’t mean anyone else should stop reading them.  It’s just how I feel.


I’ve also read books by Ben Bova outside is Planet series and he hasn’t disappointed yet.  See? SF/Fantasy is my favorite genre as anyone who has been following CJP Book News should be aware of.


Ben Bova is one of the masters of this field and if you want to dip your toes into the wide array of the genre I couldn’t think of a better place to start.  If you’re intimidated by SF or if it isn’t something you think you’d like then pick up one of his non fiction books.


Might I recommend his 2001 book called:
The Story of Light


Give me a choice of several authors I could read and Mr. Bova would certainly make that list.  Check him out.  I won’t steer you wrong.  I think you’ll find him an enjoyable read.


Until next time…
Turn the page.


Ben Bova

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