Bill Parcells

A Football Life

I’m a huge NFL fan.  It’s one of the sports on television that I can watch any team play and enjoy.  Bill Parcells has long been someone I’ve admired.  Watching him motivate his teams and seeing the results of his actions has been amazing. Every NFL team he has taken over have been vastly improved by his presence. Before he arrived at the several teams he has coached, each team underperformed in every area.  In a relatively short time Bill Parcells turned the team from perennial underperformers into winners, taking most of his teams to the Super Bowl. How many NFL coaches can do that?


I enjoyed reading Parcells for several reasons:
–Bill discussed his youth and not just his NFL experience.  He talked about his middle school years.  He talked about going to high school and college.  I learned several things about Parcells, I didn’t know previously.  For example:
Bill isn’t his given name.
–He played for the NFL for a short time.
–Parcells actually left coaching briefly and sold real estate.


This is why I read so much.  And why I read EVERYTHING:
How would I ever have discovered these things about someone I’ve admired for so long if I didn’t pick this book up?


It’s why I find it it so incomprehensible when I talk to people who say they don’t read. They don’t have time.  There are other things they do.  To quote a favorite Saturday Morning children’s show:
Reading is FUNdamental.


Anyway, back to Parcells:
I enjoy re-experiencing past history and there is a vast amount of that in this book for someone who lived through The Bill Parcells era.  He talks about taking over the Giants as head coach.  I didn’t know that he worked for The New England Patriots BEFORE he signed on with The Giants.


There is so much to learn from reading this book.


As I said above, it is why I read as much as I do.  I’m a sponge when it comes to reading.  I need to keep my mind continually soaking up knowledge and the only way that can be accomplished is by continuing to read.


Even if you’re not an NFL fan, surely, Bill Parcell’s name has become such a part of the American experience that everyone has a passing familiarity with him.  I recommend picking this book up and leafing through the pages.  I imagine you’ll find it enlightening, and if you are a fan of the NFL, like me, I bet you’ll discover some things about Bill Parcells that you didn’t know.


Until next time…
Turn the page.


Bill Parcells

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