Bless Those You Wish to Curse

There is story of a righteous man who is asked to curse another man. He is told that the person in question is evil and wants to hurt everyone. The righteous man replies, “instead of cursing him, wouldn’t it be easier to bless him so that he’ll be able only to see the Light? If he can only see the Light, the rest will be taken care of, won’t it?”

Today, bless the people you want to curse. You can’t fight darkness with darkness. You have to fight it with Light.

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Instead of cursing him, wouldn’t it be easier to bless him so that he’ll be able only to see the Light?

It takes a strong person to realize this.  Some of us are just not that enlightened yet.  That’s not a bad thing as we eventually all cross that line.  It takes many incarnations for us to reach that level.  Some of us get there sooner than others. The object is to arrive at that point at some time.  Darkness is a negative force, but one tiny light can fill that void instantly.

It only takes one light and you can see through any darkness.  As it is with any person who appears dark, evil.  Maybe they are just seeking the only outlet they know.  If one brave enough, strong enough, reaches out to them, shows them the light, maybe they too will break through the darkness.

Do you know someone who is throwing darkness? Have you tried throwing light onto them instead of reflecting their behavior back to them?  If you have then you know what happens.  They become so flustered they have no recourse.  They have no clue how to react. Generally, they will simply walk away because they didn’t acheive what they were seeking.

Throwing light has two actions then:
–It keeps the discourse civil.
–It creates a better atmosphere where darkness can’t survive.

In all instances, the righteous man is correct.

Can you become that righteous man?
I bet you can!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Bless Those You Wish to Curse

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