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Google+ has been a true winner for me as you can see from my Social category.  Several bloggers in one of my circles mentioned several features we bloggers should take into consideration:
–Is your blog mobile ready:
More readers are viewing our websites via a mobile device now than ever.  I learned this firsthand several months ago when one of my regular readers commented on the fact that I setup my columns to only show a snippet and and to read the ENTIRE column you had to click the “read more” link.  I changed that immediately upon receiving that comment.  My blog still wasn’t mobile friendly and it wasn’t until I read several of the bloggers I follow on G+ that EVERYONE who blogs should consider making changes if you haven’t already.


What changes can you make?

–Find a mobile ready theme and install it immediately.
–When you find a theme you like, view your blog on a cell phone/tablet.
–Ask others to view your blog on their OWN devices.
–Get as many opinions as possible so you can weigh them all and make the correct decision.


Font/White Space:
Many blogs I read, mine included until I made these changes are challenging to read, since many of us don’t take other readers into consideration.  (Not that that’s a bad thing.)  We just go on what we know.  Now that I know different, I clearly understand the need for larger fonts and more white space, especially as this change can also help mobile readers.  After all:

Don’t we want to engage our readers?
Don’t we want to retain our readers?


What better way to keep our current readers and at the same time, find new readers and keep them returning for more?


Does anyone have any other recommendations?  If so, feel free to add them to the comment section below.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



Blog Changes

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