C. Jennings Penders

C. Jennings Penders has been writing for most of his life. Since the age of ten, he wrote stories about UFOs and other fantasy-based subjects. As he continued writing, his fascination with science fiction and fantasy grew. In the 2010s, he shifted his attention to spiritual matters. His second book, Taking off a Coat: Ruminations on the Infinite Soul, is a collection of essays/blog columns detailing his belief on death and dying. ONE OF THE ATTRIBUTES OF WRITING THAT KEEPS ME WRITING IS THE ABILITY TO RE-VISIT PAST EVENTS AND RE-CREATE PEOPLE WHO ARE NO LONGER LIVING, GIVING ME THE CHANCE TO VISIT WITH THEM AGAIN. – C. Jennings Penders Random Acts: Stories of Redemption is a collection of dark fantasy short stories he wrote in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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