Building Walls

When you get in trouble and feel there is nowhere to turn, do you build walls and let no one in?  Or do you build bridges and let those closest to you do their best to help?


Do you run?
Or do you stay and fight?


I completely understand the desire to build a wall around yourself.  You believe its the only way to protect yourself. But doing so will eventually hurt all of your relationships as will running.  No matter where you go you’ll find the same challenges you’re running from.  No matter how many walls you build, you can’t hide from yourself.  Why not build a bridge and let your closest friends help you?

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Trust once broken is near impossible to get back.  We all need people sometime.  We can’t always be an island unto ourselves.  Everyone should have people they trust implicitly, whether it’s a member of their genetic family or someone in their genetic friendships.


Do you have someone like that in your life?
If so, hold onto them.  It’s so rare to find them.


Build walls with everyone else.
Run away from everyone else.


Make sure you let that one person in.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



Once you realize that life is eternal,
That our souls our eternal,
That we return to light and physical over and over;


We then lose all our distress
We then lose all our fear of dying.  For there truly is no end.

Building Walls

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