Character Mysteries

Thomas Perry
(Jane Whitefield Series)
Jane Whitefield:
“I’m a guide . . . I show people how to go from places where somebody is trying to kill them to other places where nobody is.”
From The Thrilling

I’ve only read the Whitefield series.  Thomas Perry has written many other stand alone books, but I’m particularly enamored by series characters, because I like following a character as they develop.  When returning for a new adventure it’s like reconnecting with an old friend.

Jane Whitefield is a Native American woman living in Upstate New York, who helps people disappear who are running from something.  One of my compatriots who I work with here at the library recommended Thomas Perry and I went through every Jane Whitefield book in matter of about two months.  Check the series out.  I think you’ll find them captivating

James Grippando
(Jack Swyteck Series)
Jack Swyteck is criminal defense lawyer in Florida.  His best friend, Theo Knight was on death row being wrongly convicted of murder.  Jack’s father the former governor of Florida signed Knight’s death warrant.  Theo was eventually freed when Swyteck discovered DNA evidence that exonerated his friend.

Now Theo helps Swyteck with his defense cases.  There is sporadic humor laced throughout the series.  Some of the humor reminds me just a bit of Carl Hiaasen.  That shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with Florida Fiction as most all Florida mystery writers can trace the good fortune back to Hiaasen.

Randy Wayne White
(Doc Ford Series)
Doc Ford, ex CIA now living on the West coast of Florida and trying to lead a restful life doesn’t quite work out for him.  Being ex CIA has its pratfalls as his talents keep him busy.  Looking for someone to read after John D MacDonald’s Travis McGee?  Doc Ford fits the bill nicely.  Having read several Travis books, I can rightly agree.

You won’t be disappointed.  I can pretty much recommend John D MacDonald’s Travis McGee as well.

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Character Mysteries

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