Chase Your Gift

Okay.  Here’s another repeat offender:
Since we are coming up on another end of school year for our students I wanted to discuss what our high school seniors will do after they have left their primary education behind.  Parents are so concerned at this momentous time in their children’s lives that they have occasion to forget that it’s their child who must live with the choices that are made.

Many children who say they don’t know what they want, are not being completely honest with themselves or their parents.  They are afraid of disappointing their parents by telling them what they truly want.  Maybe your child has attempted to tell you and you have been less than supportive, saying something like:
Oh you can’t make a living doing that.

If someone hears that long enough, the words will grow, the words will develop meaning.
Sometimes parents are attempting to live vicariously through their children, fulfilling their desires through their children.  These parents are merely perpetuating the cycle began by their own parents.  Children have to be strong enough to break that cycle.  If they do indeed know what they want, the must stand up and confidently shout:
This is what I want.

I’ve seen too many students in high school relent.
I’ve seen too many adults miserable in their chosen career because they didn’t listen to their bliss.
They didn’t follow their heart.
They chased the money.

They followed someone else’s path.
They listened to another’s advice.

It wasn’t until later in life that these adults realized the error and then attempted to detour.  Sometimes they found their way back.  Many times they did not.  Why detour at all?  Why not go confidently into your future when you have the opportunity?  Why not as Star Trek says:
Go Boldly.

When you are at an age where your entire future is spread in front of you as is the case after high school, it is so much easier to go forth and pursue your bliss, follow your heart, chase your gift.  You know.  The gift you were given when you incarnated.  We all know what that gift is long before our senior year in high school comes about.  As I said at the outset of the post today, many of us when we are in high school are intimidated by our superiors, our teachers, our parents.  We believe we cannot disobey their wishes.  We’ve been programmed to listen to our family.  At some point however, we must break away from our parents.  We must break away from our primary school teachers.

The question becomes:
Who are we attempting to please?

We can’t and won’t always please our family with our plans for the future.  Nor should we try.
In the end do they have to live with our regrets?
In the end does our family feel our emotional turmoil if we’ve made the wrong choice?

No!  It is us that have to live with the choices we have made.  Why make a choice to satisfy someone else?  When in the end we are the ones who have to live with the choices we make?

I cannot say it enough!
Do NOT follow someone else’s path for you.
Do NOT chase the money.

Follow your bliss.
Chase your gift.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Chase Your Gift

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