Children’s Fantasy

As you will come to see for those of you who return to The Scranton Page Turner for more book reviews, my taste in books run the gamut of a plethora of genres.  Today, I will be discussing Children’s books.

Charlotte’s Web
E.B. White
Charlotte’s Web is another children’s book that is close to my heart  The book was published sixty years ago on October 15, 1952.  Wilbur the pig becomes friends with a spider, named Charlotte.  When Wilbur discovers the fate that is in store for him he is crushed.  Wanting to help her new friend when Charlotte spins her web, in the webbing she spins the words Some Pig.  This timeless classic explores the meaning of friendship and looking for miracles in everyday occurrences.  Is it any wonder the book resonates so deeply with me.

The Great Good Thing
Roderick Townley
I will again reference being a writer and being the writer that I am The Great Good Thing stood out for me for a specific reason.  One of the aspects of writing especially when I was writing fiction was what happens to my characters when I leave something unfinished?  Where do my characters go?  Do they stay in limbo?  Are they knocking on a proverbial door, begging me to return so they can complete their life, their story?  What happens to them once the story is complete?

I know.  I can sometimes get quite esoteric in my thought processes.  The Great Good Thing attempts to answer some of these rhetorical questions.

The Legend of Hobbomock
Jason J. Marchi
My long time friend and fellow writer, Jason Marchi, published a book last November about the origins of The Sleeping Giant in Hamden, Connecticut.  Based on the legend of Sleeping Giant, Jason has re-imagined the story.  The book is getting rave reviews from children everywhere.

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Children’s Fantasy

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