Clean The House Of Another

From Wayne Dyer 8/27/11

“There should be less talk….Take a broom and clean someone’s house. That says enough.” – Mother Teresa
Today is the anniversary of the birth of Mother Teresa, the diminutive spiritual giant who worked daily in the streets of Calcutta. Seeing “Jesus Christ in all of his distressing disguises,” as she put it, Mother Teresa continues to offer us profound wisdom in her briefly spoken advice in this quote. “There should be less talk,” there should be more action on your part.
The old aphorism, “I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, I understand,” applies not only to what you want to learn, but also to how you wish to be treated. Behavior is the most effective way to communicate with others.
When you find yourself embroiled in the futility of words, stop and remind yourself of the great wisdom of Mother Teresa’s suggestion. Ask yourself, “What can I do here?” By all means, talk it out, but eventually you must take the broom and clean the house of another if you are truly going to be of help. Your words, while important, risk being forgotten if they are not followed by action.
People of action, those who make a difference in life, those whom we most admire, all seem to know the truth of the ancient wisdom, “What you do speaks so loud, I can’t hear what you say.” Be a doer. And in the process you will do more to teach others and to bring fulfillment into your own life than all the words in the dictionary could ever convey.

From my friend, Kate Wilker
Cozy Seaside Homestead

It’s like I’ve always said here.  You won’t be successful without first sharing what you have.  Even Mother Teresa knew this.  It’s only through sharing what you have that you’ll get more in return.  It’s why I go out of my way to help my friends.  God/The Universe/Source understands those people who give of themselves and finds a way to reward them.  Maybe not at the time you were expecting and you might not get WHAT you were expecting, but a reward will be presented to you nonetheless.

Maybe paying for someone’s meal at breakfast or lunch will come back to you in the gift of finding money on the ground.  Maybe letting someone ahead of you in line will come back to you in the gift of all green lights on the way home.  You have to be steeped in the Divine in order to see these as gifts.  These things happen to everyone all the time, but unless you notice them as divine intervention, you’ll pass them by.

God/Source ALWAYS rewards.  But many times the rewards are veiled.  Humanity and Divinity are indeed linked.  That link, however is spiderweb visible.  Not everyone can see it.  Those who are able to, are fortunate, for the divine link is as strong as a spiderweb.

Strong as a spiderweb?  You say.

Yup!  Spiderwebs can be stronger than steel.  So count yourself among the blessed if you happen to see everything as divine, as gift from God.

And always remember, sharing what you have or in Mother Teresa’s verbiage, cleaning the house of another is the ONLY way to fulfillment.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Clean The House Of Another

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