Harlan Coben
Having read several books by Harlan Coben I can honestly say of all the books he has written that I’ve read, Tell No One is by far the single best book he has written.  I read that book in about two hours.  I simply could not put it down. A husband receives an email from his wife who is long thought dead.  The book is a speed demon and so much fun to read.

Coben also writes a series about Myron Bolitar, his sports agent recurring character

Thomas H. Cook
Red Leaves

Places in the dark
The Interrogation

These are just a sample of Cook’s books.  I’ve read these and many more.

Each one of these books is gripping.  Cook is one of those rare writers who remain prolific but hasn’t yet lost his innovation for the written word.  Each new entry on his literary shelf is at least as well received as his last one.  Pick up any one of his books and I promise you’ll be reading until you finish.  Cook is a personal favorite and I never tire of reading him.  If my back was to the wall, I’d have to say Places in the Dark is my personal favorite of the books listed above.


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