Coffee Shop Coincidences

Typically at least once a week before heading into work I have breakfast at a coffee shop next door to the Madison Library.  There is an assortment of characters in this establishment and I go there for the enjoyment of interacting with them as much as for the food.

I hadn’t been there yet this week and when I walked in, Sue (not her real name), who is a fellow reader of this blog and surprisingly enough “on the same page” with me in the “spiritual book” as I am.  She looked up and said:
Thank God you’re here.

or something to that effect.  And she proceeded to tell me of a conversation she just finished with another customer who is NOT on our page.

They were talking about a particular person who neither one of them had seen in a long while when about a half hour before I arrived in walks this person.

My first words after Sue concluded were:
Law of Attraction in action.  This is one clear example of LoA.  Thinking  about or discussing someone or something that then comes into your perspective is exactly what Law of Attraction professes.  When this happened to Sue it’s what was supposed to happen.  It WAS divine intervention.

It is also a clear example of someone (the other customer Sue was talking with) who is still wearing their “spiritual blinders.”  This is as many of you know why I write this blog:
To help those who are still wearing their blinders to remove them.

Coincidence or Divine Intervention?

You be the judge.

Here’s another piece to the puzzle to add in.  I subscribe to Spiritual Random Message, an iPhone/iPad app  that comes out daily.  Yesterday’s message was:
There are people in our lives that don’t want to receive what we have to give them.

Taking that message into account along with the fact that I chose yesterday of all days to have breakfast downtown and the fact that Sue was doing her best to show that there are no coincidences, what are your thoughts now?

Would LOVE to hear from you.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Coffee Shop Coincidences

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