Reed Farrel Coleman
Walking the Perfect Square

Moe Prager, the fictitious detective from Reed Coleman has several books.  Like John Sandford’s “Prey series” it helps to read these in order.  Walking the Perfect Square is the first in the series and I found it enjoyable and complex enough to read it in about two days.  A cold case brings Prager out searching for a college student gone missing years earlier.  Road blocks are put in Prager’s way as he draws close to a resolution.  One of my favorites the year I read the book.  Have read several others by Coleman as well and with each boom he writes he gets better.

Jonathon King
The Blue Edge of Midnight (Max Freeman)

Max Freeman, a former police detective has lived in seclusion for years in the Florida Everglades, haunted by a tragic accident that occurred while he was working.  When the body of young girl floats to the surface near his Everglades home, Max is the prime suspect.  In order to clear his name, he must come out of hiding and find the real killer.

Michael McGarrity writes about the Southwest in the same vein as Tony Hillerman.  McGarrity’s Character is Kevin Kerney, a police detective in New Mexico.  I’ve read just about all the Kerney novels that have been published and they are fun little reads with enough action and suspense to keep most readers on edge and continuing to turn the pages

This is another series that helps if you read them in order.

Under the Color of Law
Everyone Dies
Death Song
Nothing But Trouble

Stand out as favorites

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