Coming Into Your Physical Experience

As you were coming into your physical experience, you understood that the basis of the Universe—both physical and Non-Physical—is one of absolute Well-Being.
You felt no concern about the existence of unwanted things, since you understood the importance of contrast and variety, and you knew that more wonderful creation would be born from that variety.
You knew that your emphasis and focus would be upon the new creation that would be born from the variety, and therefore the contrast that spawned the expansion was a good thing, for not only are you creating new components to mold into the details of your life experience, but you are creating a continuing new perspective from which to enjoy them. More discoveries, more relationships, more combinations, more adventures, more awareness, more desires, more appreciation. . . .
It is always that which is new that refreshes. . . . It is in that which is new where Source dwells—offering a signal of love and joy that calls you never-endingly forward to never-ending expansion. To more!
— Abraham

I touched on the topic of coming into our physical existence in Choosing our Own Life and Do You Choose Your Own Family. The first sentence in the above passage from Abraham Hicks stood out to me. I DO believe as we lined up for THIS go around in the physical as with EVERY go round we are aware that life is supposed to be one of well being. We see it in children as they understand all of their needs will be met. Somewhere along the path to adulthood we lose that knowledge. Society drums the information into you that in order to get what you want you must struggle. You must work hard. Life is a struggle.

I have news for you! Life is NOT a struggle. Life is ONLY a struggle if you believe the adage. Remember Wayne Dyer? Remember one of my favorite passages he quotes?:
Row your boat GENTLY DOWN the stream.

Let me ask you this:
How can life be a struggle if you are rowing GENTLY DOWN the stream?

It can’t be and it shouldn’t be!

The Universe—both physical and Non-Physical—IS ONE of absolute Well-Being.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


Coming Into Your Physical Experience

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