Common Prayer

Similarly, large communities or congregations often find miracle-producing power in combined thinking (or what some people call common prayer.)

Book One
Page 55

Been reading spiritual books lately and I find that I’m getting closer to my soul as a result.  Read Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha last week.  WOW!  What a book.  Reminiscent of Paulo Coelo’s The Alchemist, in that protagonists are searching for bliss.  Surprisingly if ONLY to me, I found Siddhartha to be the better book.  Both books should be on every one’s list if they’re seeking enlightenment.

After reading Siddhartha, I have now picked up Neale Donald Walsch’s:
Conversations With God

I’ve seen the above quote at work many times over.  Most recently, a friend of mine went in for back surgery and it was discussed before hand with a group of my friends that at the hour that surgery was about to begin, we would all say a blessing that the surgery would be a success.

At the appointed hour we all stopped what we were doing and sent our positive blessing.  Once our friend was in recovery, the surgeon said he’d never seen a surgery go so well.  In a shorter time then anyone thought possible the patient was up and walking; once more surprising his surgeon.

Combined thought, combined prayer whatever you want to call it DOES work as is seen by the above example.  There is power in groups.  Remember that!

Be Happy!  Be well!  Be Positive!


Common Prayer

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