Creating Abundance

Wisdom and Life Update:
I want to update my readers
on a pending change at Wisdom and Life:
I will now be writing columns only twice a week:
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Several years ago a friend of mine who knows the path I’m on mentioned something she keeps in her wallet at all times.  She wrote on a piece of paper:

Money comes freely and easily to me.


You should know how I feel about attracting money into our lives.  Law of Attraction (LoA) is so much more than creating financial wealth.  It’s a shame the message became twisted as it did.  Many who found Law of Attraction through Rhonda Byrne hold this judgement of Law of Attraction, thus the practice has a steep uphill climb towards legitimacy.


I’m far from suggesting that Rhonda Byrne damaged the practice.  On the contrary she brought Law of Attraction (LoA) out from hiding.  She broadcast the message to millions that we can change our environment by changing our thoughts.  It’s somewhat unfortunate that she focused on creating financial wealth as the means to creating emotional well being, when there is so much more to Law of Attraction.


Be that as it may, those of us who took the original message of The Secret and added steps, went out and searched out more information still owe Rhonda Byrne a debt of gratitude.  Being one such person myself, I understand now that The Secret was a FIRST step.  It is up to us to take more steps, to discover more of what Law of Attraction says.


Creating financial abundance is one step to LoA.  Rhonda Byrne did an exceptional job focusing on the mass audience.


I carry the same note in my wallet with one exception.  I’ve added the word Abundance.  My note reads:
Money and abundance comes freely and easily to me.


I considered removing the word money, however since the note IS IN my wallet, and that’s where money goes I decided to keep it there.  One of the concepts behind Law of Attraction is to create what we want by believing we already have it.  Since a wallet is used as a place to keep money the message should balance out the meaning.  That’s why I decided NOT to remove the word money and replace it with abundance.  I have BOTH words on my note.  This way the universe continues to understand the message as well as the meaning.


Why did I add the word “Abundance” to the message?

It is because I understand that there is more to emotional well being, there is more to joy than simply acquiring money.  I know people who are financially wealthy beyond their means, but are miserable people.  So that should prove that money can not always bring joy.


What brings joy than?  You may ask.
Abundance brings joy.


Abundance can be many things:
–Having a career that brings joy.


That’s why I added the word abundance to my note.
I kept the word money because the note goes in my wallet.


Do you have any secret positive messages you give yourself?


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.




Creating Abundance

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