Creatures of the Night

Moon Dance
SP Somtow


Moon Dance is a story of a werewolf clan raised in Eastern Europe who escape their homeland for fear of persecution. Does that sound familiar?  This is why I love dark fantasy when done right.  The stories are all merely allegorical.  For those who shun this genre I implore you yet again to read one of my recommends here at CJP Book News and look for the deeper meaning behind the fantastical story the writer is attempting to convey.


Moon Dance is perhaps the best novel I’ve read that deals with werewolves.  There is a huge historical aspect to this story.  Real historical figures people the book. Sigmund Freud appears as himself.  Sweeping vistas of the American West play a role here as well.  Taking place mostly in the 1800s in the Dakota territory, the story pits warring clans against each other.  Again, doesn’t this sound allegorical?


Not only is Moon Dance one of the best stories I’ve read about werewolves, it is also one of the most sweeping.  A definite A+ book and one you’d be foolish to pass up because of it’s subject matter.


Sookie Stackhouse Series
Charlaine Harris

Something a bit different from Moon Dance in that The Sookie Stackhouse novels are lighter and have some humor infused into the series. There is an HBO television series based on the novels that is quite a bit darker than the books. The books are fun and well worth reading.


Sookie is a waitress at a Louisiana bar close to where she lives in the fictional town of Bon Temps.  Bon Temps is a kind of vortex for creatures of the night and Sookie finds herself in the middle in more ways than one.


Definitely, check these out.  You won’t be disappointed.


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Creatures of the Night

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