Cuba Strait

Cuba Strait by Carsten Stroud is full of unexpected twists and turns.  This is the mark of a novelist at the top of his game.  I’ve enjoyed writers who write about Florida crime fiction since discovering Carl Hiaasen several years ago.

Carsten Stroud is another writer to look at specifically Cuba Strait if you like southern crime fiction.  Easy to get into, Cuba Strait had me hooked from the beginning.  An ex cop is boating in the Florida Keys when he sees a seaplane crash.  Racing to see if there are survivors, he pulls the pilot from the wreckage who is happy to be alive; and this is where the story takes off.  (No pun intended.)  Stroud manages to pull of something few crime writers can:
He had me guessing the next move.

If you like your crime fiction unexpected and not knowing how it will end, then Cuba Strait is definitely for you.  I have to read more from him as this is the first foray I made into his library.

Cuba Strait

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