Cutting Back

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A short and sweet column today:

Three months have gone by since I cut back to two columns a week here at Wisdom and Life.  I still believe I made the right choice as I felt pressed to get three columns out every week and I started to get a bit stressed knowing that my readers were waiting.


The last thing I want is to become agitated, worried, pressured to write.  This gift I have is too important to leave behind again.  I lost the itch once and I certainly didn’t want to lose it again.  I felt as if that could happen if I continued down this path.


In December I started yet another blog that publishes once a week. I’m now writing three blogs so I’m actually writing more now than when I cut back in October.  I’m able to stay ahead simply by writing just about every day.  Fortunately, my other two blogs publish weekly.


When I created CJP Photo News, and began publishing on Madison Connecticut Patch I already wrote two other blogs and I initially worried that people would be turned off because I appeared on Patch four times a week with three different blogs.  After reading all the content about promoting small business on Patch, I decided I needed to find another way to do just that.  Thus CJP Photo News came into being.


You may say I didn’t really cut back at all as I seem to be writing more as I said myself a moment ago.


This is true; however the other two blogs I write are of entirely different topics, so I don’t really feel as anxious keeping up anymore.  As long as I continue to stay ahead of the curve all will be well.  I’m already a month out and I plan on staying ahead now.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Cutting Back

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