Date Expectations

Date Expectations

Juliana Gribbins
has written a collection of essays in her book
Date Expectations, that are by turns riotously funny and surreal.  Collected from a column Ms Gribbins wrote for Shore Publishing after the dissolution of her marriage, the essays turned out cathartic for her.  Some are award winning.  All are fun to read.

Whether you’re single, attached, just coming off a breakup or newly dating, every one of us can identify with Ms Gribbins as she attempts to navigate the dating scene again.  Armed with a cast of recurring characters that have her back with names like Bruiser, Meesh and Observer, you can somehow tell that even though she has not been fortunate in finding the RIGHT guy, Ms Gribbins has something many of us may come to envy as we mature:
She has a cast of friends who will ALWAYS look out for her, who will ALWAYS keep her safe who won’t throw her under the bus.  

You’ll have to read the book to understand that last reference.

And read the book you must. There is plenty here to smile at and gasp at and want to wrap Ms Gribbins in an embrace and tell her that everything will be okay as long as you have friends like Bruiser and Meesh and Observer.

Until next time…
…Turn the page.


Date Expectations

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