Deeper Spirituality equals Deeper Patience

I’ve talked before about how my spirituality has deepened since discovering Law of Attraction.  What I haven’t discussed is some of the ramifications of that deeper sense of faith.  One of the consequences I’ve noticed, is a stronger tolerance, maybe tolerance is the wrong word.


Patience works better.  I’m more patient, more tolerant now when I hear people profess their faith, speak about their worldview.  I don’t get as agitated anymore.  There was a time when I would shut down, when I’d walk away from someone, when I’d shake my head in distress if someone brought up their faith and what they believed.


Now that I find myself in the company of those who have a strong faith as I do

Now that I run in some of the same circles, I find it easier to welcome the thoughts of like minded people.  My deeper faith has provided deeper tolerance, deeper patience.  I noticed this recently on Google+, my social network of choice.


In response to someone’s content there. I mentioned that I never felt more comfortable sharing my worldview in an open arena like G+.  Other networks I belonged to in the past always felt claustrophobic, as I didn’t REALLY belong, if I shared something, I kind of always waited for the other shoe to drop.  I waited to be told:
Oh, you can’t share that here.


G+ has been a rewarding experience for me for this reason too.

–I’ve become more tolerant.
–I’ve become more patient.


And I think the cause has been my own growth, my own faith, my own spirituality.

I’ve been castigated
I’ve been rebuked.


I think being on the receiving end of a few flame wars over what I’ve written and shared on some other networks has convinced me that I no longer want to engage myself.  That’s wy one of the things I say at Wisdom and Life is:
Take me or leave me. I no longer worry what others think.


I guess what I’m saying here most is:
That because my faith grew over the past several years I also recognized that my patience for other people’s worldviews has grown as well.


Have you noticed when something in your own life has deepened you’ve also discovered a deeper patience for that thing as well?


Would love to hear from you.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!

Blessings to you.


Deeper Spirituality equals Deeper Patience

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