Delivering A Message

In a Recent Positive Thoughts entry it was written that You deliver a message every time you speak.

What are you projecting when you speak? Or better yet, what do you WANT to project with your speech? There are people in my circle who are spouting negativity EVERY time they open their mouth. These are people I see EVERY day and there is no way of escaping them. I can choose two paths.
1. I can go down the negative path and join them on their travels and become just as miserable.
2. I can choose the path of light, the positive path.

Which one would you choose?

Generally, I think I’m a positive person. I project that positivity when I’m out. I smile at people when they walk by. I offer a hello to people I know and people I don’t know. I typically go out of my way to offer kindness and positivity, because I understand that by doing this it will bring more my way. If someone in my life is throwing negative, I build an imaginary rubber wall and don’t let the negative in. I turn the negative that comes in to positive going out.

When negativity is met with positive statements, there is nothing for the negative to stick to. There is no strength left to it. Negative has two options.
1. It can turn and run away
2. It can turn positive.

I’ll ask the same question again.
Which would you choose?

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


Delivering A Message

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