Does Fate Play a Part in Your Life?

What is fate?  Merriam-Webster defines fate as:
The will or principle or determining cause by which things in general are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do.


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Dictionary defines fate as:
The universal principle or ultimate agency by which the order of things is presumably prescribed; the decreed cause of events; time:
–That which is inevitably predetermined; destiny:


Do you believe fate plays a role in your life.  Predestination plays an important role in my own life as can be seen from the preceding link.  Are fate and predestination intrinsically bound together? I believe there are events that happen in our lives that were recorded BEFORE we incarnated, things we decided at the moment we chose to return to humanity.  As a companion to the last two columns:

At First Sight
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You may be asking do I believe fate plays a role in my own life?  If you take the first definition by Dictionary:
The universal principle or ultimate agency by which the order of things is presumably prescribed…


…And extrapolate it to a higher power or God then I guess I can say yes. I do believe in fate.  If you decipher ultimate agency as something tangible, God then it makes spiritual sense. In my worldview events don’t just happen. There is definitely a design to everything. Meeting my friend, Jeff, for example:

We share the same birthday.
Our mothers have the same first name.
We are both photographers.


That doesn’t just happen. 

I can’t drive on the highway.
I live five minutes from work. 

Phone Call to the Future and
You Can’t Always Get What You Want for further reading and understanding of this topic

Clear design in my opinion of a higher power/God working in my life.


In my worldview that doesn’t just happen. I see a clear design. Whether it’s fate or not, that’s up to each individual to decide. I see God everywhere. It certainly doesn’t mean you do as well. 


All one in the same for me. 


Be Happy!  Be Well! Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Once you realize that life is eternal,
That our souls our eternal,
That we return to light and physical over and over;

We then lose all our distress
We then lose all our fear of dying.  For there truly is no end.

Does Fate Play a Part in Your Life?

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