Don’t Dwell on Your Desires

Could I think too little about my desire, for it to manifest?” Actually, no, because as the contrast launches the desire, and then you do not offer any opposing thought, then you’re letting it in, and it will manifest. Many of our physical friends really believe that they must find a desire and then hold tenaciously to it. And we say, you do not need to do that. Let the variety of your life keep balance in your life. You just concentrate more on holding yourself in the good-feeling place where you’re letting it in.


Abraham Hicks
Saturday, November 17, 2012

One of the things I learned from Rhonda Byrnes is when you want something whatever that may be, the idea is to ask for it once, write it down then forget about it.  Don’t dwell on the desire.  By simply putting your intention out to the universe, you’ve done all you need to do.

By giving your intention ongoing attention, it may cause it to begin again each time you devote desire to what what you want.  I like what Abraham says:
Let the variety of your life keep balance in your life.

That word balance pops up all the time here at Wisdom and Life.  For a very specific reason.  What Abraham is saying here is:
Don’t become so overwhelmed with your desire that you lose focus on everything else that brings you joy.

Because simply being in a state of joy will bring your intention to you.  Do something that makes you happy directly after putting forth your desire.  The more you surround yourself with gratefulness, with positive thoughts, with joy.  The easier it will be to manifest what you want.

What you can’t do as the quote above states is:
Do not offer any opposing thought.

This can be challenging when you’re just learning about Law of Attraction.  Doubt, opposing thought. lack of faith creeps in easily.  The trick is to learn to stomp it down, kick it out, crush it before it has an opportunity to grow roots.  Keep your positive attitude, keep feeling grateful for all you have.  That’s how to let more gratefulness in.  That’s how to ensure your gifts, your desires, your intentions keep manifesting.

New theme Monday coming next week.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Don’t Dwell on Your Desires

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