Don’t You Get Lonely?

Junebug posed a question recently that stirred some strong emotions in me.  The question was asked:
What do the lonely do?

Being single at 46 brings some interesting questions my way.  The one question that pops up frequently is:
Don’t you get lonely?
I THINK that question comes from a place within the person who asks it.  I’ve learned to listen to people and not just hear what’s said, but what’s left unsaid as well.  I’ve had a wonderful teacher who taught me that lesson.
Being that we are at the Christmas Season, the question arose again the other day.  I give the same answer every time:
I don’t get lonely.

I never have.  I don’t let many people into my sphere.  I have a wonderful core group of friends and they are always looking out for me.  I count the number on one hand.  I’m always involved with my friends.  Invited to parties, morning coffee before work, on the phone with them etc.  I’ve also been fortunate in my life to always have one person to call my best friend.  Growing up, from the time I could crawl until I graduated from high school, there was one friend I counted on.  Even though we lived over sixty miles apart we maintained our friendship.  We were each other’s best friends.

After high school we drifted apart.  We went in different directions.  Oh, we stay in touch but we lost that feeling.  We’re both alright with it though.  We filled a need in each other while we were growing up and when that was no longer a need, we pulled back.  I THINK I’ve said it here before and if not I’ll say it now.

I now have the best friend I’ve EVER had.  We share so much in common.  I’ve never felt so comfortable with ANYONE.  So not just with the number of friends that I have now, but the quality of the friends I have how can I EVER feel lonely?  The answer is I don’t!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


Don’t You Get Lonely?

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