Dream Locations

On Monday, August 29, I wrote about Dream Photography.  Here’s a follow up.  This is in response to a recent post by Jim Brandano,  a blogger I follow  at his blog JP Brandano called:

All Photographers have favorite places they like to photograph.  Is there somewhere you’ve been that you’d like to return to.  Is there somewhere you haven’t been that you’d like to see? To my photographer followers, what is your favorite place to photograph?

I have two favorite places.
1. Key West
To me Key West is a photographer’s paradise.  It has everything:

Fort Zachary Beach

Nancy Forrester’s Orchids

Free Roaming Chickens:
Key West Chickens

Did you know that the chickens that are still roaming Key West are direct descendents of the original chickens that were brought to the Island for cock fights?

Key West quickly stole my heart as it did many vacationers.  Several people I met there in 2006 who live there even now confided in me that they visited the island for a vacation and never left.  An amazing story I heard time and again.

My other favorite place to visit is Block Island.  Surprisingly, another island.  Wonder what that says about me?

2011 is only the second time since 1993 that I didn’t get to BI at least once in the summer.  Typically I make two or three trips to Block Island every summer.  I missed my trip this year.  My favorite place on BI is:

North Light

North Light is my first stop when I get to Block Island.  So not only do I have a favorite place, I also have a favorite place at my favorite place.  How about anyone else?

I want to thank Jam Brandano again for reminding me of these two special places.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Dream Locations

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