Dreams as Past Lives

If dreams are a way to reach are higher plane
If dreams are a way to visit with with those who have transitioned
Have you ever considered whether dreams could be a conduit to your past life?


Have you ever thought of seeking out a past life?
You know we all come back again and again, don’t you?

I’ve seen too much, experienced too much to not know this is the case.


In order to experience a past life, a therapist will put you under deep hypnosis, relaxing you to a state where you are able to “see” what happened long before you incarnated in this most recent life.


If you should be in a relaxed state to see a past life, what is more relaxed then R.E.M. sleep, the time when you are in the deepest sleep possible.  Have you ever thought that perhaps a dream you experienced seemed all too familiar?  Maybe you woke with a start. thinking:
What was that?


Maybe you have recurring dreams.  As I’m writing this column I recall a few recurring dreams I experienced when I was younger.  Two such recurring dreams:
Block Island and Pompeii


I’ve ALWAYS been fascinated by both such places.  One recurring dream I particularly recall about Pompeii is being in the city and watching as Mount Vesuvius blew.  In the dream I THINK I can actually feel the heat as it settles over the city.


I’ve had this dream so often now that I’m no longer distressed over it.  Just another one of my weird spiritual oddities of this, my latest incarnation.  Could it be that I was REALLY there?  I’ll leave that determination up to someone else.  I’m simply giving information.  How you choose to see it is entirely up to you.



has been an obsession from the first time I learned about the city when studying Geography and History in Branford, Connecticut at the Branford Intermediate School in 1976-1977.  I vividly recall being entranced by Mrs. Ewer, my 5th grade teacher as she discussed what happened to Pompeii.  

Image from:
Providence College

Another interesting story I experienced:
Several years ago, I had someone I trust do a spiritual reading on me.  She knew a bit about me but knew nothing about my Pompeii obsession.  A little while into the reading, she opened her eyes and looked straight at me and said:

Goosebumps all over my arms.

She said:
You MUST go there!


I can tell you that I’ve read everything about Pompeii.

I’ve been to EVERY exhibit I can get to.

In 2008 the National Museum in Washington DC had a HUGE Pompeii exhibit.  I was there.
In 2010 at the Discovery Museum in New York City another Pompeii exhibit.  I was there.

Block Island

has always been another one of my obsessions and I’ve experienced recurring dreams about being there as well.  That COULD be explained away easier than the Pompeii dreams as I go to Block every year.


Image from:
The National Hotel
Block Island

One of the things past lifers say about sensing they’ve been somewhere in a past life is that they experience a sense of peace, a sense of calm envelope them as they are in the location.  When my feet touch Block the first time every summer, I THINK I can actually feel a buzzing flow through me.  It happens EVERY time I arrive there.


It is up to you on how you take what I write here at this column and at my blog in general.  I’m simply providing information.  Information that some feel strongly about.  I’m completely convinced that we all return over and over.


Dreams and recurring dreams MAY indicate a past life.
Do you believe?


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Dreams as Past Lives

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  1. I’m ALWAYS dreaming about Pompeii. Last night I just dreamed again of people screaming and running; panic. This one particular woman is always in all the pompeii dreams I have- good or bad.

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