Dying Is Not The End

“Time,” the Captain said, “is not what you think.” He sat down next to Eddie. “Dying? Not the end of everything. We think it is. But what happens on earth is only the beginning.

The Five People
You Meet In Heaven

Death and Dying?
I know!
–You’re thinking how can that be positive?
–You’re thinking; but Chris you are always writing about upbeat topics and I see you have an entire category devoted Death and Dying.
–You’re thinking are you trying to bring us down?

No!  If you understand anything about me, you certainly know that my feelings on death.  Death is not the end.  There is no end.  I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase:
The Circle of Life.

What is a circle but a never ending loop?  Life cycles through over and over.  I believe God was the first Green Living provider.  God was Green before Green Living was even in vogue.  Ok.  Now you’re thinking, Where is Chris going here?  I bet.

Well, let me explain:
Green means in one definition to recycle, right?  Well what’s the best way to recycle us, our essence?  By returning our souls, our essence continually, right?  I do believe we return over and over as anyone who has read this blog clearly understands.

If we do return again, that how can death be the end?
If we do return again, then how can death not be a positive?

We all need time to sleep, or in the case of transitioning, to rest our souls for a period of time.  I came to understand the need to rest our souls after reading Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls.  In that book, Newton lays out the process of transitioning, clearly and let’s us know why we need time to recover from our previous life.

Death is not the end.
Death is only the beginning.

Death shouldn’t be devastating.
Death should be celebratory.

I’ve mentioned a Television show called I Survived… Beyond and Back here before in a post called:
Highest Tribute To The Dead.  In that post, I wrote:
there is one story of a man who crashed his motorcycle.  In the recounting of his story, he said that now when he hears that someone has passed over, he thinks, Lucky Bastard, you’re going home.

That’s exactly how I feel about death.
Death is not the end!
Death is only the beginning!

How do you feel?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Dying Is Not The End

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