Eliminating Negative Words

What are negative words?  Negative words bring you down.  Negative words show you can’t do something.  What are some negative words?


The idea is to remove these words from your vocabulary and in some cases replace them with positive words.  We know there is a cause and effect between what we think and speak to what happens in our lives.  So if we speak these negative words negativity will find us.  If we eliminate negativity and replace it with positive uplifting messages then we know that more positivity will find us.

–You’re no longer going to TRY to do something.  That word no longer exists in your lexicon.
–There are no problems.  Look at challenges instead.
–And of course the biggest negative word listed above is no.  Use it sparingly and use it only when it helps you.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


Eliminating Negative Words

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