Janet Evanovich
My friend, Jeff calls me a book snob because I normally don’t read popular best sellers.  He says:
And yet you love Evanovich

Well yeah!  She may not be classic literature but she can sure tell a story. One of my caveats goes like this:
–I can read a bad story if the writing is decent.
–But I can’t read a good story if the writing isn’t there.

I THINK that stems from the fact that I’m a writer and I find it extremely challenging to turn the editor off in my head.  I understand that it is completely subjective.  One person may feel something is horribly written and another will have the opposite impression.

Janet Evanovich writes some hilarious stories and I’ve found she compares nicely to Carl Hiaasen, another favorite humor writer I’ve followed for sometime.  If you want to laugh out loud pick up one of Evanovich’s number series.  I guarantee a laugh riot.

Christine Kling
Seychelle Sullivan, Christine Kling’s protagonist in the series of books that Kling has written features Sullivan as captain of her father’s salvage boat.  In a world mostly managed by men, Seychelle has to prove herself capable of not only captaining her salvage boat, but also staying out of harms way.  You see, Sullivan has found another career in PI work.  Kling’s books are fun, with just a bit of tension thrown into the mix to keep thrill seekers captivated enough to continue turning the pages.

Kathy Reichs
I was introduced to Kathy Reichs here at the Scranton Library several years ago.  Starting with Cross Bones, I quickly discovered a worthy successor to Patricia Cornwell having gone through most of Cornwell’s books as well.  Reich’s protagonist, Temperance Brennan is the inspiration for Fox TV’s series Bones.

In the books, Brennan gets down and dirty and actually goes on archaeological digs.  Not so on the FOX program.  If you’ve read the books you may find it difficult to separate the two characters but don’t let that prevent you from reading the series.

Break No Bones
Deja Dead
Cross Bones
are stand outs.

Until next time…
…Turn the page.



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