Favorite Time

Just as photographers have favorite places they enjoy going, I imagine we all have favorite times of the year we like going out.  Would love to get some feedback from my photographer followers.  I’ll start and with this column I’ll include some photos I’ve taken of my favorite time of the year.

Spring is mine:
Only because I can be guaranteed that I’ll see the same thing EVERY year.  The annual blooming of flowering trees and greenery and ground flowers.

Bauer Park
May, 2006

Madison, Connecticut
Spring, 2010

Autumn is second.
The colors aren’t ALWAYS promised as they are in Spring.  We could have an off summer where we don’t get enough rain or too much rain or wind could blow all the leaves down before they have an opportunity to change.

Here are a couple of my Autumn shots that exemplify the colors I like so much:

Tuxis Pond
Madison, Connecticut

I DO like autumn for sunset photos.  Seems that the streaking clouds and the color of the sky is more vibrant in the autumn.  Most of the sunset images I like best have bee taken from the middle of September to the end of October.

What’s your favorite time of year to shoot?  Do you have one?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Favorite Time

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