Filling Your Bucket

You know that saying:
If only i knew then what I know now?

I’ve thought that since I discovered what we think is reflected back to us.  If we see negative situations, that’s the life we will lead, that’s what will show up and it will further drag us down in an unending spiral of despair.  

Well, here’s a way to help the next generation understand that being negative and taking someone else’s happiness will not make the taker happier.  Read your children:
Have You Filled a Bucket Today:

There are people who think they can fill their bucket by taking from someone else.  It doesn’t work that way and there are several wonderful examples of that in this book.  Filled with pictures and a simple message about happiness, this is a perfect introduction to staying positive and throwing sunshine instead of clouds.  

Read this to your children and you will have a positive impact on the next generation.  I’ve often said:
Had I known today…

Until next time…
…Turn the page.


Filling Your Bucket

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