First Monthly Blog Meeting

Last Thursday night, October 7, I met with a group of fellow bloggers for the first time to discuss marketing and share information. As an example of The Law of Attraction working in my life, one of the bloggers mentioned a service called Patch. Patch is a hyper news program/website. On Friday, the next afternoon, while working, a women came into the library and said she was starting a Patch site in Madison and she was looking for photographers to shoot area businesses. She asked if I was interested. The job pays over $12.00 an hour.

Now who is to say one of the reasons I was at the meeting the other night wasn’t to prepare me for the opportunity that came my way the next day? I certainly believe it. It’s like another example last year. I have a close friend who was trying to hook me up with a photographer that she knew. For a week every time I went somewhere in Madison, this photographer’s name was brought up. People I didn’t know from Adam brought up his name. Let’s say his name was Joe Smith. They’d say:
“Do you know Joe Smith? Oh you gotta meet him. I think you two would hit it off.” I was walking at Hammonasset Beach with my camera and a couple walked by me, stopped, looked back and said:
“Do you know Joe Smith?” I did a double take.
“WHAT?” I said, clearly flabbergasted, They repeated the question. I could only smile. “Nope.” I said, but apparently I will.”

It would be weird if I wasn’t entirely immersed in this new paradigm. I’m convinced and will ALWAYS be convinced that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and The Law of Attraction is working ALL the time whether we see it or not. This was just the latest example of how it has been working in my life. I have a meeting set up today to discuss my involvement with Patch. Amazing, isn’t it?

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


First Monthly Blog Meeting

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