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In The Grand Tree of Florida writers, the father of all Florida writers is

Carl Hiaasen
When I worked at RJ Julia, for several years before moving across the street to The Scranton Library, a friend of mine had come up to the cash register with his new book called Sick Puppy.  As I do now when a book crosses my threshold at the circ desk, I leafed through the first few pages as I rung up the order.  I was laughing hysterically immediately.

One funny writer.  You can’t go wrong with Hiaasen.  Having read all his fiction, I’d have to recommend three favorites:
The above mentioned:
Sick Puppy
Tourist Season
Skin Tight

Wait until you see what happens in Skin Tight with a dead frozen fish and a weed whacker.  Hilarious!

Tom Corcoran
Having just returned from Key West in January 2006 and having fallen in love with the island I wanted to return, at least in my mind.  I began searching on our library’s catalog for Key West fiction.  I came across a name I wasn’t familiar with and the brief description of Corcoran’s recurring character resonated deeply with me:
Alex Rutledge, a photographer gets caught up in crime scenes in Key West.

I’ve read the entire series now and upon reading the first book after returning (not the first in the series) Air Dance Iguana, I was transported back to that island.  It was amazing, as I read each line I was right there with Alex as he spent time in The Green Parrot Bar on Whitehead Street.  I passed the bar every morning as I walked to town.  I loved reading Corcoran as he knows Key West so well and it was nice being mentally transported back to a place that quickly became like home for me.

Bob Morris
Zack Chasteen is former Miami Dolphins football player who after he retired from football became a part time detective.  His partner, Boggy claims to be the last living Taino Indian.  Having written five books in the Chasteen series, someone looking for a new author should ahve no problem getting caught up before a new book appears.

Something all these authors have in common is the humor intertwined.  We can thank Carl Hiaasen for introducing us to Florida Humor in crime novels.  When you say Florida and Humor in the same breath, I can pretty much guarantee Mr. Hiaasen will be mentioned.

Until next time…
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Florida Writers

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