For the Best

When you believe a challenge arises in your life and you don’t see a way out,
When you are in what you think is a storm of epic grandeur,
When something occurs in your life that throws you completely off your equilibrium,

Do you understand why?
Have you ever heard someone say:
Whatever happens may it be for the highest good?

It seems the only people who say this are those in the Spiritual movement.
–For they understand that everything happens for a reason.
–For it is many of them who are connected to predestination.

–Those of us who are aware of predestination understand the concept that everything happens for a reason.
–We understand that there is no bad, that there is no good.
That everything is merely a lesson to move us forward.
That everything happens for the highest good.

So, what IS the highest good?
It means that whatever happens in our lives, whether or not we perceive it as a challenge, EVERYTHING is about moving us forward, moving us closer to the Divine, moving us up the spiritual ladder, rung by rung.

We may consider something bad.
We may consider something challenging.
We may wish to go back in time and change something.

If we look back at all of the events in our lives now, that we consider were challenging at the time they were happening, I’m sure that at least seventy percent of the time we can now honestly say that those events we thought were challenging, opened our hearts to greater joy once we had the vision to see.

If you are suffering from what you perceive is a challenge right now I’d be willing to bet that you are NOT staying in the present moment.  As I said in the linked column, it is only when we forecast that we run into that wall.  

–Stop forecasting.
–Let Go and Let God.

For HE is the ONLY one who has control.
And HE has ONLY our best interests at heart.

Whatever happens is predestined to happen anyway.

And the events that happen are ALWAYS for the highest good.

Challenging to remember I know.
Challenging to put into action I know.

If we can do so, however, just think how much smoother our lives will run.
Remember, row your boats DOWN the river.  It is only when we row against the current, against the river that we expend our energy.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!

Blessings to you.


For the Best

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