Forgiving Others

The only way to move beyond a perceived hurt is to forgive the person who hurt you. This can be a difficult resolution to learn, but think about this:
Who is the one that is wounded, physically or emotionally? Is it the person who inflicted the pain? (Well, maybe to some degree, but they probably don’t realize it.)

No the REAL person who is hurting is you. Until you reach past that anger and hurt it will continue to eat at you, it will destroy you if you let it. Is that what you want? That’s not why we’re here. If you recall from one of my previous posts I said we are here to learn to FORGIVE and to move on. If we don’t learn the lesson in this lifetime we will return and face the same issue until we DO learn the lesson.

Forgive not because it’s the right thing to do but because once you embrace forgiveness your whole life will change. All the anger, all the hatred will dissipate and you’ll be left with an open heart. I believe you’ll feel the change.

Forgive, because you’ll feel better!

I certainly did.


Forgiving Others

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